This is the latest election video from downunder.  It warns that a vote for Labor’s Kevin Rudd will endanger all of the economic achievements of the Howard years.  Ahead of the 1997 election we attempted to frighten voters in to not voting for Tony Blair by painting him as a red-eyed monster.  It wasn’t credible (at least not then!).  It wouldn’t have saved the election but I thought that we would have been more sensible to make the reasonable suggestion that Blair was a risk.  On the 1997 campaign trail I didn’t meet a voter who thought Blair was devilish.  I met many who thought him untried and inexperienced.  Our devil eyes posters said more about us at the time than Labour.

The best part of this well-made video is the bit where the Australian voter eats his ear wax – a not-too-subtle reminder of the Labour leader’s disgusting personal habit.

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