Flanked by two Stars & Stripes flags (no Union Flag!) David Cameron and William Hague have just completed a press conference at Washington’s Hay Adams Hotel (which serves the very best corned beef hash I’ve ever tasted).

Here are the highlights:

  • David Cameron held a "very positive" thirty minute meeting with the President.
  • They discussed Iran, Afghanistan, the importance of a free trade deal and the need to include India and China in action against climate change.  [I wonder if this emphasis on China, India and other developing countries may be strategically important as international conservatives consider next steps on the environment.]
  • Later today, David Cameron will be meeting the Treasury Secretary, the Head of the World Bank and Secretary of State Rice.  That’s about as high profile a visit as you can get.
  • I asked David Cameron if he agreed that the surge in Iraq was delivering results.  He agreed that it had created space for political improvement but the "political surge" was yet to happen.  William Hague added that there had been a significant improvement in the security situation but this was partly due to the decision of tribal leaders to turn against al-Qaeda and its sickening violence.
  • In reply to a question from John O’Sullivan, Mr Cameron said that America was Britain’s single most important relationship.

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