…is PlayPolitical.  The Daily Mail’s Political Editor wrote about this very briefly on Friday.  Thanks Ben!

Playpolitical is part of the ConservativeHome family of websites.  It aims to host the best political videos from around the world.  Most videos tend to be American but, over the last few weeks, we’ve been following Australia’s elections closely and you can watch the latest Liberal and Labor ads here.

Sam Coates and I aim to add new videos everyday.  Today there’s a two minute ‘Who would Jesus vote for?’ ad and a five minute recording of Mitt Romney’s defence of his Mormon faith.

And if you want to see our favourite political videos of all time please visit PlayPolitical’s Hall of Fame.  It includes Ronald Reagan’s Morning in America ad, John Redwood ‘singing’ the Welsh national anthem, Gordon Brown picking his nose at PMQs, the hilarious JibJab Kerry Vs Bush video from the 2004 campaign, the SwiftBoats ad, Child’s Pay – a clever attack on Bush’s borrowing, and A World Without America.  Watch them all here.

And please add to your favourites!

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