James Forsyth wonders if Peter Mandelson and other Blairites will soon reappear, offering helpful advice as to how Mr Brown might recover from this.  Let’s hope so!

Confirmation of Sky’s anger at the Marr exclusive, Adam Boulton writes: "The great clunking fist has given himself a blackeye tonght as Gordon Brown renounces his dreams of a Snap General Election."

A comment on LabourHome: "What a calamity.  I’m glad there isn’t an election as there shouldn’t have been one – but there should never have been this mess either.  The Tories have had a great victory here and the Prime Minister looks at best an opportunist and at worst, a coward.  What would be even more damaging to Gordon’s respect in my view is that if some minion gets the blame for this. Gordon is the leader – he allowed this to happen and he damn well better take it on the chin."

Iain Dale and Guido have fun at the expense of Brown’s recent book title – ‘Courage’.

Wat Tyler reflects on the costs to the taxpayer of all Brown’s pre-non-election bribes.

EU Referendum reminds us that there’s a referendum to fight for.

11pm: Ed Vaizey, restarting his blog, writes: "The last hundred days, carefully crafting an image of a man that can
control events and handle a crisis, have been for naught.  The public
have seen Gordon Brown bottle it, in the most spectacular and public
fashion.  There will be a lot of Blairites quietly muttering “this is
what we put up with for a decade”.  A wry smile may even have played
across Tony’s face.  A guffaw will have emerged from Cherie."

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