David Cameron will give a speech tomorrow in his constituency to mark the day that should have been a General Election.  Ben Brogan also has this poster which the Tories have launched to mark the non-election.  Clever.  It follows yesterday’s All Trick, No Treat poster stunt.

11pm: A number of commenters below – Chad Noble first – have noted a stupid error in this poster.  The poster promises that "A vote on the European Constitution" has been delayed until the election of a Conservative Government.  This is not, of course, Tory policy with Hague and Cameron both refusing to say whether the party will grant a referendum should the Treaty be ratfied.  I’m sure someone at CCHQ will find a lawyerly way of wriggling out of this poster gaffe but this will draw more attention to an issue that is likely to cause some discomfort for the party in coming months.


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