YougovThe headline figures that YouGov have provided for tomorrow’s Telegraph are exactly the same as we saw in The Sunday Times, one day after Gordon Brown ‘bottled it’.

Within the poll there is much more for us to chew on:

  • By 48% to 34% voters are now dissatisfied with Gordon Brown.
  • Last month David Cameron was thought not to be a good leader (48% over 21%) – this month that position is reversed (40% over 36%).
  • Labour have a 35% to 32% advantage on economic competence.  Disappointing but much, much narrower than just a month ago.
  • 29% say they’d be "delighted" if a Conservative government under David Cameron was elected.  33% "wouldn’t mind".  39% would be "dismayed".
  • Lots of data is encouraging for David Cameron in the poll.  By 44% to 38% respondents think him genuine, for example.  60% are still unsure if there is substance behind his words, however, and 65% don’t know what a Cameron-led Conservative government would be like.

See all of the data here.

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