A few big points from this must-watch ten minute video (not verbatim) produced by UKIP TV:

  • You cannot only be in favour of holding referendums when you think you can win them!
  • Members of Parliament are lent powers by the electorate, the former
    Labour minister says, and they must return them undiminished. It is not for MPs to
    give away powers. Those powers do not belong to them.
  • Power in
    Europe is increasingly concentrated in the hands of unelected people we can’t get
    rid of.
  • Peter Mandelson is a powerful figure – he wasn’t even elected by the Commons but appointed by Tony Blair.  He doesn’t have to listen to anyone.
  • We’re told that this EU Treaty is a tidying up exercise.  It’s a funny form of tidying up that involves tearing up the British Constitution!
  • We don’t even vote for MEPs directly – we have to vote for a party.  It is the party which decides the candidates.
  • If all this goes through Gordon Brown won’t be Prime Minister of Britain.  He’ll be the Mayor of the Greater British Authority – like Ken Livingstone.  There’s a destruction of British democracy taking place – not just a creation of an undemocratic Europe.

The video gets a bit socialistic at the end but otherwise great stuff.

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