The day started with that encouraging opinion poll.  Let me start the weekend with three more pieces of good news:

(1) Conservatives won last night’s Cambridge Union debate on ‘This House has no confidence in Her Majesty’s Government’ for only the second time since 1997 and for, I think, the first time in seven years.  Last year the motion failed by 50 votes but last night it was carried by about 200 votes.  Congratulations to the proposers – IDS, Nick Herbert and Lord Onslow.  Most delicious of all is the news that Quentin Davies led the opposition to the motion.

(2) The Tories won a seat from Labour yesterday on Harlow Council.  It’s the first time we’ve ever taken the seat and an encouragement for Robert Halfon, our candidate there.  The Tories are now the largest group on the Council – a Council run jointly by a Lib-Lab pact.  Congratulations to David Carter, Harlow’s newest Tory councillor.  Also last night the Manor ward of Sefton Central became 100% blue.  The Merseyside constituency is now a Labour-free zone.  Something to worry Claire Curtis-Thomas in her battle with the formidable Debi Jones.

Gallowaylookingatfraser (3) I don’t know if you saw it but Fraser Nelson was brilliant on Question Time last night.  It was his first QT and he writes about it here.   I’d be nervous enough doing it for the first time but up against George Galloway, too?  No thanks!  Fraser writes brilliantly for both the News of the World and The Spectator.  Two very different publications but he has developed skills via both platforms that enable him to communicate to a diverse and very large audience.  Fraser is just one of a growing number of young people on the centre right who should give us all real hope for the future.  The centre right has a growing number of intelligent and compassionate people who will serve great causes in the years ahead.  I think of Fraser, of course.  Ben Rogers.  Neil O’Brien.  Matthew Elliott.  Douglas Murray.  James Forsyth.  Allister Heath.  Victoria Kluk.  Peter Cuthbertson.  Shane Greer.  And, of course, ConservativeHome’s own Sam Coates.

PS There’ll be full newslinks over the weekend and two sizzling Platforms but comments moderation might be a bit slow.  Sam is on a TA weekend and I’m off to Germany to speak to a FDP Conference about the internet and politics.  Auf Wiedersehen!

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