Lots of good policies are now tumbling out of the Tory cupboard and that’s hugely to be welcomed.  I plan to make a list of my favourite ten doorstep pledges by the end of the week.

I think the Conference still lacks a big theme, however.  I’m not convinced that ‘It’s time for change’ quite works.  The video we highlighted yesterday may come closest to what we need.  It suggested that Labour is yesterday’s party.  The Conservatives, in contrast, are the party that understands tomorrow’s challenges: globalisation, social breakdown, security, the environment.

Labour’s big theme is Gordon Brown.  He will present himself as strong and serious.  David Cameron’s speech tomorrow must provide our party with its big theme.  He needs to convey the idea that ‘Britain can be so much better’.  I expect optimism, hope, tomorrow and change to be words that appear throughout the leader’s big speech.  David Cameron will struggle to appear stronger than Gordon Brown.  He may be able to show that he’s much more in tune with our times.  I’m glad I’m not writing the speech!

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