An hour ago we reported that Labour’s lead had shrunk to 4% in a YouGov/ Channel 4 survey.

A Populus survey for The Times confirms the trend.  Labour are on 39% (down 2%) and the Tories are on 36% (up 5%).  The LibDems are on 15% (down 2%).

Other findings:

He has what it takes to be a good Prime Minister

  • Cameron up eight points at 38 per cent since a week ago
  • Brown down three points at 56 per cent
  • Campbell- up three points 22 per cent

He has the answers to the big problems facing Britain

  • Cameron-  31 per cent – up one point since last week
  • Brown- 39 per cent– down eleven points since last week
  • Campbell 20 per cent– minus four points since last week

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