Adrian Pepper of Crosby Textor Pepper and The Telegraph’s Andrew Pierce reveal some interesting details of a poll conducted of the 112 most marginal Labour and LibDem seats, that included the names of local party candidates:

  • If Brown had gone for an election the Conservatives would have taken 13 of these seats from the LibDems but none from Labour
  • Labour’s candidates are seen as the strongest by 37% to the Conservatives’ 19%
  • The Conservatives are ahead on the issues of health, education and immigration, but Labour still outscores the Conservatives on the economy, strength of leadership, honesty and trustworthiness
  • Brown is still ahead of Cameron by 42% (down 9%) to 25% (up 5%) on who would make a better prime minister, only a quarter of LibDem votes thought that Ming Campbell would be
  • Just 4% of voters believe Ming is doing a good job, 45% of those who voted LibDem in 2005 have switched allegiance

The poll also showed that Cameron’s rating went up by 5% during conference whilst the Party’s went up by 13%, perhaps because he’s starting from a higher point.

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