Shortly after Cameron became leader the Party heard that Belgrade-born businessman Branislav Kostic had left his entire estate to it in a will drawn up in the Thatcher years. The money is said to have been invested in a trust and could be worth over £10m now.

Kostic made his money in Britain trading in pharmaceuticals and
precious metals. He was known to be an avid supporter of Thatcher but became paranoid about an international conspiracy of sexually perverted pharmaceutical company executives. This is one of the things he said to her when in power:

"I am sending a cheque for £5,000 to fight the evil and wicked demons and satans and I am fully at your disposal."

This morning the High Court decided that the donation
should be recalled and given to his family on the grounds that he wasn’t of sound mind. The Party now has to decide whether to appeal. There’s an awful lot at stake but it will have to be careful to not be perceived as seeking to exploit a vulnerable man.

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