Election_factorsA survey of 1,303 members, carried out between 11th
to 14th October, reveals that grassroots Conservatives believe that
that the most important factor that changed the opinion polls and the
course of recent political events was George Osborne’s package of tax
relief measures.

55% said that the Tory
fightback recorded in the opinion polls was THE decisive factor that
changed Gordon Brown’s mind about an autumn election.  But it was the
tax cuts (17%), David Cameron’s speech (10%) and then party unity (3%)
that were the key factors in driving that fightback.  The results are
summarised in the graphic on the right.

We also asked Tory members about which members of the shadow cabinet performed best during the ‘turnaround period’.

a full list of the shadow cabinet, including David Cameron, was
presented to respondents, 50% chose David Cameron, 31% chose George
Osborne, 10% chose William Hague, 3% chose Liam Fox and 2% chose David

When a list of the shadow cabinet
without David Cameron was presented, 63% of members identified George
Osborne as the frontbencher who performed best, 22% identified William
Hague, 5% Liam Fox and 4% David Davis.  No other shadow cabinet
minister scored more than 0.5%.

These results
will be a comfort to David Cameron who has clearly reconnected with
large numbers of grassroots Tories during the turnaround period.
Tax-cutting Conservatives will also be emboldened by the results.
These results suggest that members will seek further imaginative promises of lower taxation in order to deliver a General Election victory.

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