This afternoon Alistair Darling has stolen more Tory ideas – on the taxation of flights rather than passengers and on cutting inheritance tax.  The graphic above summarises just a few of the policy ideas that Labour has stolen from the Conservatives since Mr Brown walked into Number Ten.

If Labour actually took our policies and implemented them properly we would be wrong to complain too much.  It might be politically annoying for us but at least the country would benefit.

Unfortunately Labour steal our ideas but don’t implement them properly.  Just like cheats at school – they copy from another kid’s exercise book but they do so without understanding or insight.  They miss important details.  The uniformed border police force is a key case in point.  Labour’s imitation of David Davis’ idea gave existing staff new uniforms but didn’t deliver the integration of border policing that was at the heart of the Conservative idea.

Labour’s copy catting therefore brings good ideas into disrepute.  Voters can be forgiven for thinking that our ideas have already been implemented and therefore discount the importance of the things we are still proposing.  The end result – as we’ve seen throughout the Brown-Blair years – is more cynicism towards everything said by politicians.

6.45pm: Ben Brogan is calling him Burglar Brown.

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