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2pm: ToryRadio’s podcast of PMQs

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Editor’s verdict: Another solid win for David Cameron.  On the NHS and Europe, Brown appeared evasive.  Whereas Cameron was able to think on his feet (ie when he responded with ‘People will look at Brown and think of a man who breaks his promises’) Brown kept repeating the same lines.  He repeated the Tories will leave a £6bn blackhole in the nation’s finances line far too many times.  Whereas in the summer he built up a (false) reputation as above politics the PM is not behaving like a PM but a partisan fighter at every opportunity.  His trashing of his own brand continues. 

12.28pm: Henry Bellingham highlights the fact that there have been a record 400,000 calls to the service family’s helpline.  Why won’t he honour the military covenant? 

12.25pm: Michael Fabricant asks a question about troops coming home from Iraq. The third Tory to ask a defence-related question.

12.15pm: Vince Cable asks if PM agrees with Andy Burnham’s claim that the tax system should recognise marriage.  Brown responds by paying tribute to Ming Campbell and making a joke that if things carry on like this all LibDem MPs will have a chance of being leader during this Parliament.  Brown says marriage was recognised by Labour in last week’s IHT announcement but that Labour policy will always support all children – not just some.

12.13pm: Cameron quickly comes back and says: People will look at Brown and think of a man who breaks his promises.  If he doesn’t grant a referendum they’ll know that his word can’t be trusted.

12.12pm: Cameron quotes Labour’s Gisela Stuart who says that the red lines are red herrings.  Brown quotes Ken Clarke back and his suggestion that a referendum would be "dotty".  Failing to break through the jeers from his accusation that Cameron used too many soundbites, he makes a flat joke about Cameron’s suggestion that when people look at him they should think of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

12.11pm: Brown responds by saying that the Tories didn’t grant a vote on the far more important Treaty of Maastricht.  William Hague (he mistakenly calls him "Foreign Secretary", he said, denied the British people a vote.  He then talks about his red lines. 

12.10pm: Cameron’s fourth question turns to Brown’s EU Treaty referendum promise.  Why won’t he grant a referendum?

12.09pm: Brown: Tories have £6bn hole in the nation’s finances.  They will cut the NHS.  [Yawn].

12.08pm: Cameron: Bureaucracy is hampering the war on superbugs.  The nurse of the year is quitting.  MRSA is up.  When will he start listening to the NHS?

[The Speaker ticks off Ian Austin, Brown’s PPS for barracking Cameron!  Naughty, naughty.]

12.05pm: David Cameron says that Mr Brown hasn’t read the report properly.  Most hospitals, he says, are saying that targets are getting in the way of attempts to counter hospital infections.   He quotes the NAO in support.  Gordon Brown responds by attacking David Cameron for opposing Government investment in the NHS.

12.03pm: David Cameron asks the PM if Brown’s top-down targets are frustrating the attempt to tackle hospital superbugs.  The PM responds by saying that targets are an inevitable component of a modern healthcare system.  He quotes the Healthcare Commission in support.

Noon: Graham Brady MP asks about the growing tax burden on small businesses.

Until then you can relive the roar’n’rage of last week’s PMQs by watching this highlights video.

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