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Editor’s verdict: "A very good performance from David Cameron.  The roar of support he enjoyed from behind him from his own MPs was testimony to the new unity of the Conservative Party.  Rather than focusing upon the cowardice of the Prime Minister, David Cameron chose to focus on Brown’s alleged dishonesty.  He questioned the PM’s explanation of why he decided not to go the country – when it was decided to cut IHT – and why Brown had broken his promise to hold a referendum on the EU Treaty.  Interesting tactics."

Not verbatim.

12.24pm: Graham Brady asks about need for review of Market Abuse laws following Northern Rock.  Brown says Chancellor will address this subject tomorrow.

12.22pm: Damian Green highlights the "transparent hypocrisy" of the Government deporting Burmese dissidents to a regime that the Prime Minister regularly attacks.  Brown invites Mr Green to bring individual cases to him.

Backofbrown12.13pm: Ming Campbell attacks the twice-the-rate-of-inflation increase in council tax.

12.12pm: Brown says the Tories have published their election manifesto and he looks forward to dissecting it week after week in the Commons.

12.09pm: To very loud Tory cheers, Cameron – ‘We have a PM who bottles out of an election, won’t come clean on inheritance tax, won’t honour a promise on the referendum.  This is a PM of calculation not conviction.  Of no vision, just vacuum.’  PM responds by attacking Cameron for abandoning his ‘no more Punch & Judy politics’ and then lists Labour Government ‘achievements’.

12.08pm: After Brown attacked Tory plans on IHT and taxation of non-doms Cameron says if the PM had the bottle for a real debate he would have called an election, he raises the issue of a referendum on the EU Treaty.  Brown responds by saying that the Tories, when in power, didn’t have a referendum on Maastricht.

[BTW: Brown is chewing away like Sir Alex Ferguson at a Manchester derby game].

12.06pm: Brown declines to answer a question about whether the IHT announcement was in the pre-Budget report draft before the Tory conference.

12.05pm: Great line from Cameron: ‘He said he would go to the country if polls suggested a Labour majority of 100.  He’s the first PM in history to flunk an election because he thought he could win it.  Has he found a single person who believes his excuses for calling an election?’  Brown responds by saying that only 26 people had signed a Downing Street petition calling for an Election.

12.03pm: Cameron begins by saying that Brown’s reputation for honesty is at stake.  Brown hits back by saying that he won’t take lectures from a Leader of the Opposition who has flip-flopped on VAT on flights, grammar schools and charges for supermarket parking.

Noon: First blood to Bob Neill MP.  He highlights Tory Bromley’s recycling record and then invites Mr Brown to visit one of the council’s bottle banks.

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