Interview in today’s Telegraph:

  • Michael_gove_2His team have compiled a list of the top 100 comprehensive schools
  • Most of them insist on streaming their pupils across the board, including the wearing of blazers and ties are in.
  • They have long lunch breaks during which pupils are kept on the premises and encouraged to take part in chess clubs and debating societies.
  • Children should sit in traditional rows rather than
    freeform classrooms.
  • Discipline is crucial, head teachers should be able to
    exclude disruptive pupils without being second guessed
  • Traditional teaching methods include
    children reciting times tables, learning to conjugate verbs and memorising the dates of the kings and queens.
  • "The 1960s aren’t the root of all evil but certain teaching methods are actually reactionary, they’ve won favour
    with people in the educational establishment but they don’t serve children well."
  • It is
    often the poorest children who suffer most from trendy teaching, such as the abandonment of synthetic phonics for being too authoritarian.
  • Government plans to keep schools open before and after classes should be supported.
  • There is a strong case for getting rid of AS levels, and the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority should be broken up.
  • Tories’ education plans are far more radical than Mr Brown’s, they would introduce a genuine free market into education, with businesses, charities and faith groups paid to run state schools, and parents given real choice.

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