20071001sungraphic_2 There are lots of good policy announcements being made here in Blackpool.  The rebalancing that ConservativeHome has long sought is happening.  There’s an almost universal hunger for unity.  I’m impressed with the quality of the candidates that will be our standard-bearers in target seats.

But The Sun is rightly waiting for David Cameron’s speech – early on the final afternoon of Conference – to decide whether the Conference has been a success or not: "The Tories have until 2.30 Wednesday afternoon to prove they’ve still got what it takes to be winners."  David Cameron needs to be able to convince a so far unpersuaded electorate that he has the strength and depth of belief that they expect in a Prime Minister.

Two years ago David Cameron gave a speech to the party – also here in Blackpool – that transformed his leadership campaign.  Please use the thread below to provide some constructive advice on what he should say and how he should say it…

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