David Cameron has met up with New Zealand National Party leader John Key. It’s actually the third time they’ve met, they were introduced to eachother when they were both up-and-coming backbenchers. Commenting on the comparisons often drawn between the two men, Key said:

"I think there are a reasonable number of similarities – we are both
centrist in our thinking, both ambitious for our respective countries
to make a change and to deliver on the promise that our respective
countries have."

They were both new kids on the block when elected leader too. Key said Cameron wanted to cultivate their relationship:

"He’s quite keen to build a lasting personal relationship, he’s got
some ideas about things – how we can exchange ideas and stay in touch –
and that’s something I am certainly going to work on. We’re really starting a good personal relationship which I think can serve us both well into the future."

Spnewzealand5Cameron recently forged a strong partnership with Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats, and there were a record number of international delegates at this year’s conference as a result of the efforts of CCHQ’s International Office (they certainly filled up our own reception!). As a keen advocate of developing active relationships with sister parties ConservativeHome warmly welcomes these developments. Next step please: Cameron to finally visit Washington DC.

The National Party are in a similar position to the Conservatives in that they are both in opposition facing a third-term government of the Left. The Nationals have sustained a double-digit opinion poll lead since the spring.

I spent a couple of days meeting them in Wellington last summer and they are a great bunch. For those wanting to keep tabs on Kiwi politics, I recommend David Farrar’s Kiwi Blog.

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