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"Brown’s plans for his announcement were thrown into disarray when news of his decision was leaked to the Conservative Home website. This meant Cameron was able to broadcast his attack before Brown has a chance to explain himself on television. His interview with Marr was recorded in Downing Street yesterday afternoon for broadcast today. While Cameron’s full remarks were broadcast last night, only short extracts of Brown’s interview were broadcast on the 24-hour news channels."

While it is true that ConservativeHome was the first to emphatically declare the election was off, Danny Finkelstein’s Comment Central blog appears to have speculated about the possibility 80 minutes earlier.  We’ll take the credit, however, and a BBC source has told us that our post was a key trigger for the story breaking on their bulletins when it did. Proud to have helped.

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11am: Danny Finkelstein has written for the first time since his post of yesterday and analyses what it means for  ‘in a lot of trouble’ Brown.

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