The real fireworks will happen on Wednesday – at PMQs (which, as usual, we’ll be live blogging) – but responding to today’s Iraq statement David Cameron had his first opportunity to cross swords with Gordon Brown.  After statesmanlike questions on the meat of Mr Brown’s announcements (which included rights for Iraqi interpreters to apply for UK residency if they’ve served for twelve months), the Tory leader went for the jugular in his closing:

"You promised a thousand of our troops would be brought back before Christmas – but isn’t it the case that 500 of them had already been announced and 270 of them were already back in the country?  I have to say to the prime minister, this is of a different order of magnitude to what we’ve had from him over the last decade.  This is not double-counting of government spending, this is not just spinning the good bits of a Budget, this is about dealing with people’s lives and the families of our servicemen.  And does he agree that this is just not an acceptable way for a prime minister to behave?"

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