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Overall view: The mood was sour.  There has definitely been a cooling in the relationship between the lobby and the PM.

PM confirms that he will not sit down at an EU table with Robert Mugabe and no "senior minister" will attend either.

The Sun asks a question about Brown’s failure to hold a referendum on the EU Treaty.

12.50pm: Brown tells a joke!  Asked about the rugby he says that he’s been inclined to read the sports pages more than the news pages in recent days.

It’s 12.35pm and I’ve counted seven questions from BBC journalists.

Daisy McAndrew: Why did you make the announcement in the peculiar way you did?

Radio 1 Newsbeat journalist: You dithered in 1994 about the Labour leadership race.  You have dithered again, haven’t you?

Brown in response to a question from Channel 4’s Gary Gibbon: Hand on heart I can say that the opinion polls did not determine my decision to not have an election.  A 2008 General Election would be "very unlikely".

Tom Brady, ITN: Why don’t you admit that you changed your mind after it looked like you’d lose the election?

Great line from Nick Robinson, BBC: "When the polls turned, you turned."  Ouch.

Iain Dale is running a comprehensive live blog.

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