Guido Fawkes: "Well the audience, as ever, loved Dave. Guido was watching the press pack and some of Cameron’s apparatchiks. The press seemed if not bedazzled, not unimpressed. Team Cameron seemed happy, tension that was in their faces at the start of the speech dissolved into satisfied smiles by the end."

Iain Dale: "I leave Blackpool more optimistic about the future than I have been for a long time. Gordon Brown will know the Tory Party is back – and back with a vengeance. Brown has a real dilemma now. If he calls an election he loses, and if he doesn’t call an election he loses."

Adam Boulton: "Tories I spoke to genuinely seemed to think that he had advanced their cause. One even said: "I really am looking forward to an election now.  Cameron also hit the spot with three out of four of Sky News’ swingvoters in Redditch."

Shane Greer: "The Conservative Party is back and if anyone should be concerned about their future then it’s Gordon Brown.  If he calls the election now he will win, but quite possibly with a reduced majority and a reinvigorated David Cameron.  If he doesn’t call it he will look incredibly weak, and bring the Labour Party one step closer to leaving office."

Martin Kettle: "Ed Balls, watching from the BBC studio, pronounced it the speech of a party leader not a prime minister. In some ways that is hard to deny – although the same charge can also be made against Brown’s recent performances. Nothing that happened today makes an early election less likely – and an early election is not what Cameron really wants. Cameron will not have done himself any harm at all in this speech. But the question, with the stakes now so sharply raised, is whether he has done himself enough good."

The Times’ Sam Coates: "Afterwards, Mr Cameron could be heard asking his shadow cabinet if he had done all right as the crowd burst into an ovation at the end, according to the Press Association.  “Was that all right?” his microphone picked up. Shadow ministers could be heard saying “brilliant”, "unbelievable” and “very good”.  He asked his wife, Samantha, the same, adding: “I love you babe”. Moments later, he said: “Ahh, I’m knackered.""

Fraser Nelson reveals that David ‘babe’/ ‘hottie’ Cameron is now travelling home by train in "goat class".  What a man of the people!  Oliver Letwin is in first btw.

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