Taxman_machine_3 Last Saturday we offered a mug to the reader who got the best score on the newly-launched Taxman Gordon game. "Gav" is the highest person in the high scores with CH after their name, and second in general only because of the ridiculously high score of "El Bambi".

Well done Gav, email me with your address and make sure you get out of the house/do some work in the office! For a while most of the high scores had CH after their name but their positions have largely been usurped since then which is a good sign that it’s spread beyond the hardcore e-Tories.

The photo on the right is of a classic-style arcade machine that was rigged up for the game at conference. To help spread the game further David Luckett (creator of the Back Boris Facebook Application) has made an Application for us that allows you to play it within Facebook.

Click here to add it to your profile and to invite your Facebook friends to do the same.

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