The BBC is in the news again for all of the wrong reasons.  The Controller of BBC1 has fallen on his sword for his part in the Corporation’s recent ‘framing’ of The Queen.

Yesterday I highlighted John Humphreys’ ludicrously soft questioning of Bill Clinton.  He harangues Bush adminstration officials but Bill Clinton was able to spout his worldview without serious challenge.

John Redwood has an excellent post today on the very different treatment that he and Vince Cable receive from the BBC.  The BBC regularly notes that Mr Cable, LibDem Treasury spokesman, was briefly Chief Economist of Shell International.  The significant business experience of John Redwood, in contrast, is never cited although this fellow of All Souls College has also been Chairman of a large Stock Exchange listed industrial group and an executive director of a bank.

Another aspect of the differential treatment comes in the labels that get attached to Mr Redwood but not to Mr Cable.  The LibDem MP is not introduced as “left wing”, ” Euroenthusiast” or “interventionist" although Mr Redwood is often introduced as "Eurosceptic" or "right-wing".  Fair?  No.

On the eve of a General Election we all need to be on the look out for these subtle forms of bias that attempt to paint Conservatives as ideologically-biased and our opponents as more independently-minded.