In all of the newspapers this morning – as diarised earlier – Brown is on the ropes over the EU Treaty.  But Hague’s suggestion on this morning’s Today programme that the Tories might not reverse ratification (or hold a referendum to reverse ratification) has already begun to upset Conservative Eurosceptics.  One backbench MP rang me a little earlier to describe William Hague’s position as a "betrayal".  He said that "the EPP failure" had been bad enough but this would not be forgiven.  Oh dear. 

An Early Day Motion – highlighted on ConservativeHome’s Parliament blog – "insists that the Prime Minister rejects the Reform Treaty on 18th October and holds a Referendum before or after ratification."

The following Conservative MPs have already signed the EDM:

  1. David Amess
  2. Michael Ancram
  3. Richard Bacon
  4. Brian Binley
  5. Peter Bone
  6. Peter Bottomley
  7. Graham Brady
  8. Douglas Carswell
  9. William Cash
  10. Christopher Chope
  11. James Clappison
  12. Derek Conway
  13. Philip Davies
  14. David T C Davies
  15. Nadine Dorries
  16. James Duddridge
  17. Iain Duncan Smith
  18. Philip Dunne
  19. Michael Fallon
  20. Mark Field
  21. Christopher Fraser
  22. Greg Hands
  23. Adam Holloway
  24. Bernard Jenkin
  25. Daniel Kawczynski
  26. Greg Knight
  27. Edward Leigh
  28. Ian Liddell-Grainger
  29. Mark Pritchard
  30. John Redwood
  31. Lee Scott
  32. Richard Shepherd
  33. Bob Spink
  34. Graham Stuart
  35. Sir Peter Tapsell
  36. Charles Walker
  37. Mr John Whittingdale
  38. Ann Widdecombe
  39. Ann Winterton.

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