Highlights from today’s Telegraph article:

"The most credible science now tells us that human behaviour, through
activities such as the burning of fossil fuels and the destruction of
the rainforests, is accelerating climate change at a rate that
threatens devastating consequences for our security, prosperity and

"In a world whose population and hunger for resources
is growing at an unprecedented rate, the depletion of natural capital
and growing instability of our climate are factors bringing profound
economic, social and security implications for every country. Britain imports oil and gas in an era of dwindling reserves concentrated in very few hands, not all of which we can rely on."

"As a country we have failed to get to grips with these vital issues. I
think there are two principle reasons. First, the green agenda has
concentrated on the wrong solutions – sticks, punishments, and
doom-and-gloom messages that alienate people. Second, Gordon Brown has cynically exploited the growing concern about these issues to enrich the Treasury."

"We have looked for proposals that work with, not against, the grain of
human nature, solutions that encourage rather than stifle innovation."

"If people know they can significantly cut their stamp duty by passing
on their home in the best possible condition, the changes required
become a sensible investment, not an ethically driven sacrifice."

"What can be done to reverse the
decline of high streets, which are often the hearts of our communities?
The four biggest supermarkets control about 75 per cent of the food
market, continuously squeezing farmers and pushing independent
retailers out of business."

"Our proposal is to incentivise airlines to operate full planes, by shifting Air Passenger Duty to a flight tax. It proposes taxing flights to places you can get to as easily by train and re-investing the proceeds into making trains better."

"Conservation and Conservatism
are natural bedfellows for the future and I would urge everyone to read
our report – and to join the blue-green revolution."

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