A YovGov survey for The Telegraph gives Labour a 39% to 33% advantage.  The LibDems are on 16%.  The Labour lead is 1% greater than for last weekend’s Sunday Times.

Other findings:

  • 42% say Brown would make best PM; 20% Cameron and 6% Campbell.
  • Labour 36% to 28% ahead of Tories on who is most trusted to run the economy.
  • 52% to 37% say Government handled Northern Rock well.

The Telegraph’s choice of headline – Gordon Brown ‘would win election landslide’ – is another confirmation of their ‘bring it on’ attitude.

Another survey – ICM for Newsnight – gives Labour a 34% to 22% advantage on who has the best economic policies.

10% of voters told ICM that they were "very confident" about the economic future and 61% were "fairly confident".  Only 21% were "not very confident".  Northern Rock was no Black Wednesday.



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