On each of the last three weekdays the newspaper formerly known as The Daily Torygraph has been causing big headaches at CCHQ.

On Friday it gave massive attention to a YouGov opinion poll – a lot of the data for which was already a week old.  That week had included the energetic Cameron offensive on crime and social breakdown.  The Telegraph talked of a landslide Tory defeat.

Yesterday The Telegraph gave Gordon Brown celebrity treatment on the back of an interview he gave to the newspaper.  A front page splash was accompanied by a two page spread by new political editor, Andrew Porter.  That spread included large pictures of a laughing Gordon Brown and a very prime ministerial portrait shot.

Today’s Telegraph has given headline coverage to Michael Ancram’s untimely intervention.  A leader in today’s Telegraph – ‘Tories must rediscover their core principles’ – concludes: "What is at stake is more than the next election: it is the survival of the Conservative cause itself and the values that it embodies."

The next election is not a referendum on David Cameron.  It is a choice.  A choice between a Conservative leader who is beginning to get his message right and a Labour Prime Minister who has increased tax to record levels, presided over the defeat in Basra and denied people a vote on the EU Treaty.  Why is The Telegraph giving Mr Brown so much comfort?

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8.30pm update: Patience Wheatcroft has resigned as Editor of The Sunday Telegraph (Guardian).