These pledges are featured in the Conservative party’s online advertising campaign and they will be the core commitments for any autumn election campaign:

  1. It’s time to fight the closure of A&E and maternity units across the country.
  2. It’s time to support married couples in the tax system and to give all parents the right to ask for flexible working.
  3. It’s time to cut taxes on families and increase taxes on pollution.
  4. It’s time to set up an effective emergency fund to help the victims of the pensions crisis caused by Gordon Brown.
  5. It’s time for tougher sentences, more police on our streets and an end to Labour’s Early Release Scheme.
  6. It’s time for value for money in public services. We will match Labour’s spending but make sure it goes to the front line.
  7. It’s time for trade to be fairer and aid more effective.
  8. It’s time to stop the closure of special schools and introduce teaching by ability for every child in every school.
  9. It’s time for a referendum on the EU Constitution.
  10. It’s time to introduce National Citizen Service for the 21st Century: a six-week programme for every school leaver.

(1), (4), (5), (8) and (10) are the ones I would prioritise from that list – not necessarily as the most important for the future of Britain but for the party’s electoral fortunes.

I hope the Blackpool Party Conference will also produce some specific and bankable pledges on immigration, English Votes for English Laws and the prevention of terrorism.

What would you like to see?

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