In tomorrow’s Sunday Telegraph (not yet online) David Cameron will say that underperforming Year 6 children could be forced to resit their final primary school year if they do not meet performance thresholds at the end of their year or during special summer classes that the Tories also intend to introduce.

Last December ConservativeHome readers had approved a policy idea from Richard Robinson that there should be a remedial year for eleven year-olds who weren’t ready for secondary school.  Tomorrow’s Cameron proposal may stem from the Dorrell-Perry policy group report on the public services – due, ConservativeHome understands, to be published this Tuesday.  The report’s launch was rescheduled so that the party could spend another week responding to public anxieties about crime and social breakdown.

The Press Association is also reporting that the Conservative leader will advocate an "advantage premium" for schools that take children from disadvantaged backgrounds.  The financial reward might be as much as £6,000 per child.  The social justice policy group has already recommended that headteachers of primary schools in disadvantaged communities could be paid more.  58% of Tory members approved of that proposal and 24% disagreed.

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