Sometimes you learn something and you wonder why more people aren’t outraged by it.

Yesterday Gordon Brown announced that another £2.8m of taxpayers’ money will go to the unions as part of the ‘Union Modernisation Fund’.  This is on top of approximately £7m already given.  According to CCHQ, one-third of the Fund has been used by unions like the Public and Commercial Services Union to improve internal communications.  The PCSU is currently communicating with members about taking strike action.  The unions don’t just get cash from the Labour Government.  There has also been a softening of laws governing industrial action.

All this is certainly keeping the unions sweet.  The heavily-indebted Labour Party received £9m in direct donations from ‘the brothers’ last year plus a further £8m in affiliation fees.  In addition there is the indirect campaigning against the Tories that the unions fund.

Alan Duncan is unimpressed:

“This is a classic Gordon Brown con trick. One day he’s standing before the Unions spinning that he’s going to be tough. The next day the small print shows he has sneaked out another £2.8 million of taxpayers’ cash to keep the Unions sweet.  With Labour receiving over £17 million a year from the Unions in return, this is verging on money laundering. If Gordon Brown is serious about standing up to the Unions, he should cut the spin and scrap this subsidy before any more taxpayers’ cash is wasted”.

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