in the graphic on the right are some of the factors that may lead
Gordon Brown to think again about a snap autumn election.

Another risk factor should be added to that list this morning.

This morning, The Sun launches a full-blooded campaign to give the British people a say on the draft EU Treaty.

Gordon Brown is pictured on the front page of Britain’s best-selling newspaper – putting up two fingers to the voter.

Across seven pages The Sun launches a massive assault on the Treaty:
  • A Dad’s Army graphic on page three depicts invaders attacking Britain:
    those invaders include "lost vetoes", "an EU diplomatic service", "an
    EU human rights charter", "less control over immigration and asylum",
    and "an EU Foreign minister".
  • On pages 4 and 5 Brown is
    accused of "surrendering power" and in a graphic three EU flags fly
    over the Houses of Parliament.
  • A MORI poll for The Sun finds that Labour would be 17% ahead if
    Brown granted a referendum but his 8% lead over the Conservatives could
    drop to just 1% if he continues to deny the British people a say.
The Sun Says very simply: "An EU Referendum. He promised it. We want it."

last week’s Giuliani dinner I was at the same table as the Editor of
The Sun.  Rebekah Wade spoke very passionately about this campaign.
She promised that The Sun would run very hard on the issue throughout
this week.

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