CwfpoppiesThe above poster (click to enlarge) will be launched later today by Conservative Way Forward.

It aims to highlight "the number of deaths of servicemen that might have been avoided had they been properly equipped by the
Government".  Defence spending as a proportion of GDP has fallen from 2.9% in 1996 to
2.4% today.

Mark Allatt, General Secretary of CWF, issued the following statement:

“British soldiers have died in Afghanistan and Iraq because they were sent into action without body armour, or they were asked to patrol vehicles which didn’t have adequate armour.  This is clear-cut evidence that years of Labour under-investment in defence has damaged Britain’s ability to fulfil its defence commitments.”

It calls on the next Conservative Government to rebuild Britain’s armed forces with a 50% increase in spending over the lifetime of the next Parliament.  Its demands include:

  • Restoring the number of Royal Navy frigates and destroyers to 35;
  • Replacement of the RAF’s decrepit heavy lift aircraft;
  • A 3% increase in the fighting strength of the army, navy, and airforce.

Higher defence spending was the number one public spending priority recently identified by Tory grassroots members.

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