The Conservative Public Services Improvement Group led by Stephen Dorrell MP and Baroness Pauline Perry published its report this morning at the Policy Exchange’s Ideas Forum.  There are more than 150 proposals on education, social housing and health.  These are the main ones:

On education

  • Establish a Chief Education and Skills officer and a Royal College of Teaching, along the lines of their counterparts in the NHS.
  • Reduce the volume of guidelines for schools.
  • Abolish "AS" levels
  • More disciplinary measures, clearer exclusion powers, anonymity for teachers subject to allegations.
  • An "advantage premium": additional per-capita funding for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Encouragement for more academic charities to run city academies.
  • Provision of buses to transport children from over-subscribed to under-subscribed schools.

On social housing

  • Provision of 10% equity for social housing tenants after five years good behaviour.
  • Review of social housing waiting list policy
  • "Commitment to mixed communities", i.e., seeking varied incomes, tenures, demographics and ethnicities, subject to local circumstances, as a way to avoid concentrations of deprivation.
  • Creation of a national affordable housing fund.
  • Measures to make the Right to Buy "more affordable" by altering discounts.

On health

  • "Less political interference in the day to day management of the NHS"
  • "Greater freedom for individual healthcare professionals, in return for
    clear accountability for outcomes"
  • "A service which puts patients before bureaucrats"
  • "Greater emphasis on public health objectives", improved powers for the Chief Medical Officer and "separate public health budgets"

Read and debate the report at Stand Up Speak Up.

Thomas Cahill

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