Ben Brogan teased us earlier with the news that two new polls will show that Team Cameron’s new emphasis on crime is closing the gap with Labour.  We haven’t got the details yet but it may be that the 8% lead from YouGov last Friday was something of a rogue poll.

But there’s a big ‘But’.  Ben – proving that his blog is essential reading and the best written by a mainstream journalist – also says that Deputy Tory Treasurer Johan Eliasch has quit in protest at the ‘lurch to the right’.

[I’ve written for tomorrow’s Guardian Online to question this whole ‘lurch to the right’ language but you’ll have to wait until the morning to read it!].

10.30pm update: The two polls out tomorrow are…

ComRes (formerly Communicate Research) for The Independent which puts both Labour and the Conservatives on 36%.  The LibDems are on 15%.

YouGov for GMTV which gives Labour a 3% lead; Labour on 38%, Tories on 35% and the LibDems on 15%.

9.30am, 3rd September:



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