Earlier today at a House of Commons event attended by Conservative MP Angela Watkinson, a new opinion poll by ComRes for the pro-life charity, Life, was published on public attitudes to abortion.  Here are some key findings of the poll of 1,001 adults:

  • 85% agree that "abortion has very serious health consequences both for the health of women and the unborn, and should be regarded as a last resort if it is used at all."
  • 59% agreed that "Government should urgently review the law to reduce the number of abortions."
  • 91% supported "a woman’s legal right to be informed of the physical and psychological risks associated with abortion."
  • 81% supported a "compulsory cooling-off period between diagnosis of pregnancy and abortion."
  • 68% supported "a substantial reduction in the upper time limit for abortion to around 13 weeks, bringing us into line with our European neighbours."

Nadine Dorries MP welcomed the results in a statement for ConservativeHome:

"The result of the ComRes poll undertaken on behalf of LIFE comes as no surprise. The last twelve months have seen the issue of abortion receive much higher prominence both within the media, politically and the public at large.  Advances in medical technology, 3D scanning and the high visual impact media coverage of healthy baby after baby being born and leaving hospital has largely contributed to the firming up of public opinion.

What is interesting is, that despite the overwhelming body of evidence to support a reduction in the upper limit from 24 to 13 weeks, and a well identified public preference in favour, the majority of Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs are determined to amend the Human Tissue and Embryology Bill, which comes before the House in the autumn in order to relax the law, making abortion easier to obtain."

The MP for Mid-Bedfordshire has also also written about the issue on her blog.

Amanda Platell wrote a very moving article in yesterday’s Daily Mail about this issue.