MaytheresaSpeaking before David Cameron earlier today – when he largely addressed the ‘credit crunch’ – Theresa May presented the Conservative Party’s new
‘Fair Play on Women’s Pay’ document.

Mrs May began her remarks by saying that "women earn on average 17.2% less than men" although David Cameron noted that this reflected a number of factors: "Career choices. Different levels of education. The need many women have to seek flexible and part time work. And outright discrimination.  There is a complex range of causes of the pay gap – and we need to address all of them."

Mrs May promised action on five fronts:

  1. "Compulsory pay audits for employers who are found to be guilty of discrimination
  2. A new ‘reasonableness’ test for the ‘material factor’ defence – tightening existing law
  3. An extension to the right to request flexible working to all parents of children aged eighteen or younger
  4. New measures to help women into work and up the careers ladder
  5. Support for young women to make broader and more ambitious career choices."

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