ThatcherbrownAfter a one-to-one meeting with Gordon Brown, Baroness Thatcher will have a tour of Downing Street before Mrs Brown joins them for tea.


4pm: This is how the Downing Street website is covering the visit:

"Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher returned to Downing Street today for private talks with Gordon Brown.  Lady Thatcher was greeted with a warm handshake from the Prime Minister as she arrived outside Number 10 before the two headed off for a private meeting.  During his press conference earlier this week, Mr Brown described Lady Thatcher as a "conviction politician" who "saw the need for change".  Lady Thatcher was Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990."

4.45pm: The day gets more surreal…

Iain Dale phoning in to BBC News 24: "… isn’t it great to see her back in Downing Street, back where she belongs?"

Presenter Sally Nugent bringing the conversation to an end: "It is."

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