Brown’s latest attempt to prove his Britishness is revealed in today’s Daily Mail:

"Every school and public building in the country will be emblazoned
with a new "national motto" under Gordon Brown’s drive to encourage
patriotism and Britishness… Members of the public will be asked to
come up with five or six-word slogans, perhaps based around ideas of
fair play or national pride."

We should not be surprised that the party of the pledge card should think that Britishness can be summarised in five or six words.  But the Mail story is another warning to Tories that Labour is determined to play the patriot card at the next General Election.  Do you remember how a massive Union Flag appeared on the huge screen behind Gordon Brown when he was confirmed as Labour leader?

The Conservatives must demonstrate that we are the real and substantial party of patriotism:

  • We are the party that opposes further transfers of power to Europe and that will give Britons a vote on the draft EU Treaty.
  • I hope that Conservatives will champion the teaching of British history in our schools.  I’d like to see David Walsh’s 100 policies idea of compulsory British history at GCSE in our manifesto.
  • Liam Fox’s commitment to improving the lot of British servicemen and their families should be centre stage in Blackpool.  I’d like to see David Cameron angry about the way Labour has under-resourced our armed forces.
  • English votes for English laws and a review of the Barnett formula should also be on the Conference agenda.

I’m sure you’ll have other ideas…

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