Last week in a new series of occasional debates we asked: ‘Ousting Maggie or Black Wednesday – Which event hurt the Tories most?’ Today, as the LibDems gang up against Ming in Brighton, we ask the question: ‘Labour or the LibDems – Who’s worst?’

The LibDems are worst?: Just look at their beliefs… They’re the most pro-European and the most anti-American.  Their plans to tax the wealth creators of Britain with ‘hammering’ taxation of capital and high incomes would not even be contemplated by ‘New Labour’.  They’re against nuclear power and if they ever got real power in Westminster they’d introduce proportional representation so that they’d hold the balance of power for the foreseeable future.  Any local Tory or Labour activists agree that the LibDems are the dirtiest campaigners.

Labour are worst?: It’s a nonsense to say that the LibDems are worse than Labour.  The LibDems have hardly had any MPs until recently.  It’s Labour that has been in power – handing power to the unions, raising taxes, bureaucratising the police, creating new layers of government, sending our armed forces to war without proper equipment, undermining our civil liberties… We may not like the LibDems but local Tories are much, much more likely to work with them in local councils than with Labour.   It’s also true that the LibDems are the top second preference for Tory voters.  Labour are behind UKIP and the BNP (!) in the league table of our second preferences.


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