YougovA YouGov survey for The Sunday Times gives Labour a 5% lead (the previous YouGov survey gave Labour a 3% lead).

I expected a modest widening of the Labour lead and that has happened.  I repeat my continuing belief that the true state of public opinion won’t really be clear until after the Party Conference.

John Reid – who earlier today announced his decision to stand down at the next General Election – will, in tomorrow’s News of the World, attack the Human Rights Act.  More in the morning…

9am, 16th October update: "Brown’s approval ratings, while down slightly on a month ago, remain strong, with 62% of people saying he is doing a good job as prime minister, against 22% who say he is doing badly.  Cameron, who had expected to do better against Brown, still lags behind the prime minister and has a negative overall rating, with 35% believing he is doing a good job as Tory leader, against 50% who think he is doing badly.  The cruellest finding in the poll is, however, reserved for Campbell. By nine to one, 45% to 5%, people said that the Lib Dems would do better if the party had a younger leader, with 38% saying that a change at the top would make little difference." – Sunday Times

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