A YouGov poll of 1,341 voters for Channel 4 News gives Labour an 11% lead.

It’s obviously not good news!  But…

1. Most of Labour’s gain is from the LibDems.  The Tories are actually on the same standing as they were in the YouGov survey for last Saturday’s Telegraph.  If an autumn election doesn’t happen there must be every chance that Huhne-Clegg-Laws will move against Ming…

2. This poll has been taken in the afterglow of Brown’s big speech and the blanket coverage it received.  That’s bound to artificially boost Labour’s rating.

Greetings btw from the lobby of London’s Dorchester Hotel – I’ve just paid £4.90 for a pot of tea (with no biscuits)!!  Comment moderation might be slow throughout this evening as I’m here for the Carlton Political Dinner where David Cameron is speaking.   I’ll aim to file a report at 11ish.

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