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MarrcameronThe party is ready for a General Election: Refusing to discuss the "fluctuating" opinion polls Mr Cameron said that the Conservative Party was ready to go to the country whenever Gordon Brown made the decision.

Lots of policy review ideas will be junked this week: The policy reviews were excellent but this week lots of ideas will be junked – there will be no higher taxation of alcohol, no charges on supermarket parking, no VAT on domestic flights, no penalty for a second overseas holiday flight.

Green taxes will pay for cuts in family taxation: Green taxation as a proportion of total tax take must go up.  Mr Cameron reiterated that any increase in green taxation will, however, go into an independently-audited family fund which will pay for reductions in the taxation of ordinary families.  The party is committed to eliminate the couple penalty in the benefits system.

Recognising marriage: Every other European country recognises marriage in the tax system.  The next Conservative Government will do so, too.  It will send a signal that marriage is important.

No unfunded, upfront tax cuts: Every tax relief announced this week – including stamp duty relief for first-time buyers – will be fully-funded.  There will be no unfunded, up-front tax cut promises.

We’re not lurching right: The first policy announcement was on the NHS and the GPs’ contract and the second announcement on the couples’ penalty within the benefits system will help 1.8 million of the poorest people in Britain.

There’ll be three big themes here in Blackpool: (1) Conservatives will give people more power over their lives – (2) We’ll never solve social problems until we make society and families stronger – (3) We’ll make Britain safer and greener.

The choice at the next General Election… will be whether to continue with Labour’s failed record on the NHS, higher taxes and doubled gun crime or to vote for real change with the Conservatives… "I really want this election."

On Margaret Thatcher’s Downing Street visit: It was lovely to see her outside of Number Ten again.  It’s not true that I haven’t been photographed with Lady Thatcher.  I was photographed with her at the unveiling of her Commons statue.

Immigration: We will control immigration – we will introduce firm measures – but we will always address the issue in calm, measured language.

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