I’ve just listened to a Radio Five Live investigation into the benefits that are paid to migrant workers and their children.  Adrian Goldberg’s Five Live Report programme highlighted the huge problem of fraud – with many immigrant workers seemingly claiming UK benefits for children that do not exist.

On BBC1’s Politics Show this lunchtime there was a feature on the impact that children from immigrant families are having on schools in Lincolnshire.  The number of children who speak English as a second language has mushroomed in many parts of Britain.  The schools and other local services are struggling to cope as a consequence.

Earlier this week the Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire highlighted the rise in crime associated with increased immigration.

Earlier today I read The Sunday Times’ comment section (now a Portillo-free zone following the non-renewal of his contract) and Minette Marrin’s column on immigration.  She highlights the fact that one-third of the three million homes that Gordon Brown plans to build across the British countryside are needed because of immigration.

Asked on Sunday AM this morning if immigration was too high – David Cameron’s view – Gordon Brown repeatedly avoided answering the question.  Someone really should get his repeated non-answers on YouTube!

If Gordon Brown does opt for a snap poll it is important that immigration becomes an election issue.  It shouldn’t dominate the Tory campaign as it dominated Michael Howard’s 2005 campaign but Mr Brown needs to be held accountable for his policy of uncontrolled immigration.

PS Michael Portillo may have lost his Sunday Times slot but that hasn’t stopped him stirring up trouble for the Tories.

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