Interviewed earlier by Telegraph readers, David Cameron has appeared to rule out charges for supermarket parking.  He said:

"I understand as a parent of three children that when you are going to the shops, you are trying to manage everything, car parking charges may not be the most helpful way forward."

This is the second time he has quickly disowned a Gummer-Goldsmith idea.  He has already said that he won’t accept the moratorium on airport expansion.  Earlier today the balance of ConservativeHome opinion was strongly against the idea of having to pay to park your car at Tesco or Sainsbury.

Mr Cameron also "pledged that within weeks of Parliament’s return on Oct 9 he would force a Commons vote demanding a referendum on the successor treaty to the abandoned European Constitution."

On the right is the picture the Telegraph has on its website of Mr Cameron answering readers’ questions.  I’m not sure that the size of those energy-guzzling screens will impress Mr Gummer!  Al Gore wouldn’t mind, though.

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