The Conservative Party has launched a series of online ads today.  Nine different ads will appear over the next five days on sites including Facebook, Lycos and national newspaper websites.  The nine themes will be:

  • Teaching by ability
  • Fighting the closure of A&E and maternity units
  • Referendum on EU constitution
  • Tougher sentencing, more police, end to early release scheme
  • Setting up emergency pension fund
  • Value for money in public services
  • Cut family taxes, increase taxes on pollution
  • Fairer trade and aid

You can view the ads by clicking here.  Stills from the ad on crime are pasted below:

Start image:

Second image:Crime1

Third image:Crime2

Fourth image:Endframe

Editor’s comment: "This initiative has to be welcomed.  The themes chosen are good ones.  ‘It’s time for a change’ is the right slogan.  On the downside I wonder if people will know that there are different ads.  Perhaps a different colour or different image of David Cameron should have been used to make it clearer that there were different ads?  I would also suggest more micro-targeting in future with ads on the family featuring on Christian sites etc."

3pm: Click here to see Tim Montgomerie and Iain Dale talk to Sky News about this initiative.

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