David Cameron has written to Gordon Brown to challenge the Prime Minister to an election debate:

"Yesterday you made a speech in which you stressed your commitment to a new kind of politics. In particular, you laid great emphasis on the need to find ways to re-engage young people.  I have long believed that a television debate between the main Party Leaders during the General Election campaign would be an excellent way to achieve that. It would be informative and interesting. It would bring politics to life.  So I was very surprised that a day after you promised a new kind of politics, you chose to rule out such a debate.  It is true, of course, that we have the opportunity to debate matters at Prime Minister’s Questions. But that is a very different matter to a proper television debate during a General Election campaign – when Parliament is not sitting, and when people will be most receptive to engaging in political discussion.  I am sure, on reflection, that you will want to re-consider your position. I remain ready to hold such a debate, either between the two of us, or including the Liberal Democrat Leader, whenever the opportunity arises."

Last evening’s Newsnight began with clips of Gordon Brown – when in Opposition – calling for election debates.

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