YougovAccording to another YouGov poll – for tomorrow’s Telegraph – Gordon Brown is maintaining the 11% lead that he won in the immediate afterglow of his speech to Labour Conference.  Both major parties lose 1% to the LibDems compared to the YouGov/ Channel 4 survey.

Here are the other main poll findings:

  • 45% say that Gordon Brown is most in touch with people’s concerns.  18% say the same of David Cameron.  60% think he is out of touch.
  • 22% think David Cameron is proving to be a good leader.
  • 55% thought that David Cameron is "lightweight" compared to Gordon Brown.
  • 63% said that they don’t know what the Conservative Party stands for.
  • William Hague was the clear favourite to become Tory leader if David Cameron stepped down.
  • 58% supported the view that Gordon Brown would win an autumn election but might lose it if he stepped down.

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