I’ve just attended an off-camera briefing at CCHQ (the Pankhurst Room) about the Party Conference.  Here are the main points:

Accreditation: All passes (except very late applications) have been cleared by the Lancashire Constabulary.  Phew.  More than 8,500 passes have been issued – the best attendance for five years.

Slogan: "It’s time for change" is the main Conference message.  The message – Gordon Brown is good at playing political games but has no vision for the country.

Policy reviews: At this Conference many policy group recommendations will be adopted or rejected.  Charges for supermarket parking has already been binned.

Opening day: Highlights on Sunday will be opening speech from William Hague (expect a demolition of Gordon Brown) and Boris Johnson.

Tories are ready for an Election: £10m in warchest.  200 candidates in key seats selected.  Manifesto drafted.  If an election is called next week the broadcasters have assured CCHQ that the Conference will receive full coverage – to balance the coverage already given to Labour and the LibDems.

Lady Thatcher: Won’t be attending (and hasn’t for a number of years).

Social action: As with last year, there will be a social action project.  Some derelict land will be reclaimed.

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